Wednesday, March 30, 2005

this could be quite interesting 
Meet Vernon: During the week of April 18, 2005, Vernon Evans will be executed by the state of Maryland. This blog is an opportunity for you to get to know him.


not happy 
a friend and i were discussing 'boys and relationships' yesterday and i stated that what i was looking for was very simple.

i want someone who is fun and funny, attentive without being too much, smart and interesting, and who doesn't have narcolepsy.

after thinking about this a bit, i should add flexible. hey, i'm a gemini. we are sometimes fickle. i want someone who can deal with my craziness. the sad thing is that i have most of this. i should be happy. the problem? maybe it's the narcolepsy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

i love this picture 
this is a great post. but i'm not sure if she means herself or the cute kitty.

'If it doesn't fit, you must acquit' 
Johnnie Cochran dies at 67 years old

remember when Chris Rock said, ''If you get Johnnie Cochran, I'll kill you.'? that was great.

Monday, March 28, 2005

this is pretty cool 
A Brief History of the Internet

security no more 
[quiz] How Much Do You Know About 80s Music?: You Scored 50% Correct
You are a solid child of the 80s
You'd never confuse Tiffany from Debbie
And while you may not know Prince's first #1 hit
You know every word to Little Red Corvette
i thought i was okay with my 80s music knowledge. this was hard.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

ha ha ha 
something to cheer me up:

Bush Approval Rating Drops to Lowest Level Ever

Friday, March 25, 2005

ah ha! 
i read the proof today. i was reading through organizing tips when i stumbled upon the proof i had been searching for years. i'd always heard that you should not read in dim light. and i was always thought that it was b-o-l-o-g-n-a.
"There is no harm whatsoever in reading in dim light," says Robert Cykiert, an ophthalmologist and a professor of ophthalmology at New York University Medical Center. "It's a total misconception. Reading in dim light is like sniffing hard to smell a faint odor."
from Real Simple via this link [it's tip #5]. tip #6 also gives proof that you will not catch a cold if you go outside with wet hair.

google search 
someone found my site by googling 'chincoteague blog.'

i am listed first, but it was cool to see the results. i would never think of that.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

oooh, fun 

jES, with some guy in the background.SiCMetallic A

try it. [via deborah]

thank goodness 
[quiz]: How Redneck Are You?: You Are 5% Redneck

to be fair, i don't have a yard or a porch to have old appliances on.


Monday, March 21, 2005

this is wild 
bonus points to anyone who can tell me how it works. it's blowing my mind.

the formal announcement 
i'm putting this is writing. because this 'Schiavo Right-To-Die Case' is insanely out of hand. please, please, don't let this ever happen to me. turn off the machine. pull the cord. inject me with something. just kill me.

women and the drug war 
this is not new, but worth sharing. a new report was released:

'It's not just an issue of drugs, but of embedded moral values," says Bruce Bullington, a Florida State University criminologist. "We demonize these women, and it comes back to haunt us in a variety of ways.' [via feministing.]

Saturday, March 19, 2005

it's insane how much i still love this song 
...Being good isn't always easy,
No matter how hard I tried,
When he started sweet talking to me,
he'd come tell me everything is alright,
he'd kiss and tell me everything is alright,
Can I get away again tonight?

yes i am 
[quiz]: How Normal Are You?: You Are 60% Normal (Really Normal). shocking.

i'm normal, but there is nothing good to be said about this guy. he'd been arrested 24 times!
John Evander Couey, 46, confessed to kidnapping and killing Jessica after taking a lie-detector test Friday in Georgia, Dawsy said. She disappeared from her bedroom more than three weeks ago.
* title from melissa etheridge, which i am currently listening to.


Friday, March 18, 2005

The Alcohol Knowledge Test 
how did i do? i am: Bourbon

Congratulations! You're 113 proof, with specific scores in beer (120) , wine (50), and liquor (86).

Screw all that namby-pamby chick stuff, you're going straight for the bottle and a shot glass! It'll take more than a few shots of Wild Turkey or 99 Bananas before you start seeing pink elephants. You know how to handle your alcohol, and yourself at parties.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 28% on proof

You scored higher than 99% on beer index

You scored higher than 82% on wine index

You scored higher than 92% on liquor index

funny thing is, i was so not confident in answering these questions. maybe i know more than i thought? maybe i'm just lucky.

morning craziness 
this man is crazy. he won all that money and went back to work.

see how women are crazy. [via] they want to marry a man who was just sentenced to death for killing his wife.

[quiz]: Which Horrible Affliction are you?: Congratulations, you're rabies! [rabies can make you crazy.]

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

finally, some interesting news 
talkleft: ''A new study by the Coalition for Juvenile Justice finds that recidivism is higher among teenagers who have been charged as adults for their crimes. '

talkleft: 'Michael Anthony Williams left prison in Louisiana yesterday after serving 24 years for a rape that DNA tests show he didn't commit. He has been in jail since the age of 16. Now 40, where does he go? There was no tearful and joyful family waiting at the jail for him to come out. He left with Vanessa Plotkin, his Innocence Project attorney.'

CrimProf Blog: 'Is there a Link Between Lack of Education and Crime? Well, this film, shows Jim Morrison of The Doors being denied a college education, because the public colleges in Florida were overcrowded. Later, he was arrested for indecent exposure.'


Your Irish Name Is...

Ella Dillon

What's your Irish Name?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

who knew? 
Hampton Roads Magazine published Sourcebook 2005, ‘a complete resource to Hampton Roads.' This publication informed readers about ‘everything’ in our great area. Hampton Roads is home to:

  • Largest city in VA by population: Virginia Beach – 439,467
  • Largest city in VA by land mass: Suffolk – 430 square miles
  • World’s largest naval base: Naval Station Norfolk
  • One of seven engineering wonders of the modern world: Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
  • Birthplace of the nation: Jamestown
  • Nine local television stations, 35 local FM radio stations, 20 AM stations, and 21 local newspapers
  • 21 hospitals, 43 museums, and 21 colleges and universities

  • Focusing on the Eastern Shore, the authors wrote about ‘small towns to visit’ [page 61]. Here’s what they said about Chincoteague:
    Throngs of visitors descend on Chincoteague’s resort village each July for the annual Pony Swim and Auction. Business stands still for two days mid-week as ponies are corralled on Assateague Island and herded across a narrow channel to Chincoteague Island. Many people take of work or close up shop to spend time from at this carnival-like event. Buyers come from all over the country to bid on the trainable horses, many for use as children’s mounts. Proceeds from the auction benefit the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department, which owns the herd. The firemen hold a fair every weekend in July leading up to the swim and for two weekend afterward.

    Monday, March 14, 2005

    i'm here 
    i've been busy. but not very daring, obviously. just bold.

    [quiz]: How Daring Are You?: You Are Bold And Brave
    But daring? Not usually?
    You tend to like to make calculated risks.
    So while you may not be base jumping any time soon...
    You are up for whatever's new and (a little) exciting!


    Thursday, March 10, 2005

    random blog quote 
    from acidman: 'You ought to THANK ME for smoking, because I won't live long enough to suck up YOUR Social Security money.'
    that's good stuff. for more, read the entire post. of course, i don't have any problems with any reason or method a person might choose to kill themselves. it is on them. where's my beer?


    imdb numbers 
    while i was writing this post, i noticed that brad pitt was imdb.com entry number 93. based on the numbers in the web address, i wanted to see who was number one, two, etc. i would assume these would be the order in which they were entered into the system. who's number one? Fred Astaire. followed by: Lauren Bacall, Brigitte Bardot, John Belushi, Ingmar Bergman, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, and James Cagney.

    great line 
    on that 70s show last night, mrs. foreman said: 'to men, wheels are like bosoms. and cars have four.'
    we can never compete with a car.

    oh, and this is dumb. [via]

    Tuesday, March 08, 2005

    what season is it anyway? 
    yesterday it was over 70 degrees and i even got a bit of sunburn.
    today it is snowing. insane.

    [updated to provide proof.]

    Monday, March 07, 2005

    attention star trek fans howard 
    tv giude has a star trek poll to commerate the 'end of an era.' yup, i voted.


    three actors 
    that i love. we shall start with an obvious one: Brad Pitt: His full name is William Bradley Pitt, born on December 18, 1963, from Shawnee, OK, graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia, and he's 6' tall.

    now for a random one: David Duchovny: His full name is David William Duchovny, born on September 7, 1960 in New York, NY, educated at both Princeton and Yale. He is 6' tall.

    and an obscure one: Ryan Stiles: Ryan was born Ryan Lee Stiles on April 22, 1959 in Seattle, Washington (but moved to Richmond, British Columbia when he was 10). He is 6'6 tall, wears size 15 shoes and splits his time living between Custer, WA and Sherman Oaks, CA.

    BONUS: Julia Roberts: Her full name is Julia Fiona Roberts, born on October 28, 1967, hometown is Smyrna, GA, she has a high school education, and is 5' 9."

    Friday, March 04, 2005

    Teacher Admits Sex with Five Students via OTB.

    what's even worse are the comments on OTB's post. The commenters seem to think this crime is so bad because the teacher is 'fat and ugly.'


    Thursday, March 03, 2005

    i thought about it too much 
    so i'm passing on commenting. but here's some stuff i have been reading:

          tomthedog's stephen king 'run down'.

          Wil Wheaton's Number 10,000 experience with beer.

          i know i'm not the only one who is interested in random facts.

          fifty word fiction. it's addicting.

    Tuesday, March 01, 2005

    i'm shocked 
    Supreme Court strikes down death penalty for juveniles

    [more later.]

    you made it down here?

    what? you want a reward?